Longwood Extra Ale

Bring a little something extra to the table with Extra Ale, Longwood Brewery's signature session beer. A blonde ale with low malt aroma, this Vancouver Island staple is crafted with Noble Hops, giving it extra flavour. Get ready to amp up your downtime with Longwood Brewery's Extra Ale.

Berried Alive

Dive into the palate pleasing punch of Longwood Brewery's signature raspberry ale. Crafted from whole, British Columbia raspberries refermented with our lightly hopped Blonde ale, Berried Alive is uniquely refreshing, the perfect balance between tart and tasty. Get lost in an avalanche of summertime flavour that will hold you captive all year long.


Launch your tastebuds into the stratosphere with Stoutnik, Longwood Brewery's innovative Russian Imperial Stout. A combination of roasted barley, chocolate and black barley gives this beer a rich, complex malty flavour that withstands orbital re-entry at any velocity. Stay ahead of the curve--rocket your way to the bold taste of Stoutnik.


Get gears turning with SteamPunk. Fusing traditional taste with modern technique, Longwood Brewery captures fantastical flavour in this dark wheat ale. Light bodied and crisp, Dunkelweisen is crafted with 35% White Wheat, giving it a refreshing graininess that makes SteamPunk one of Vancouver Island's favourite brews. Send your tastebuds on an other-wordly excursion with SteamPunk today.

The Big One IPA

It takes time to craft a big, bold taste of this magnitude. For hundreds of years, pressure has been building for brewmasters to perfect the art of the India Pale Ale, a tenacious brew fortified with extra hops to withstand adventures of seismic proportions. Longwood Brewery has brought IPA home with The Big One, a beer destined to become local legend. Vancouver Island grown hops are at the epicentre of this medium bodied ale, which boasts high hop bitterness and an aftershock of intense flavour. Longwood will have you looking forward to the next Big One.

Full Patch Pumpkin Ale

This seansonal, Belgian style saison is not for the faint of heart. Born in a pumpkin patch and raised in the brewery, this 9% bad boy is not your grandmas pumpkin pie, eight slaughtered pumpkins and whole lotta’ spice were boiled in a cauldron of barley, hops, and anything else we could find lying around. Fly orange with full patch.


Winter's Own Weizenbock

Winter’s Own will blanket your taste buds like a fresh winter snowfall. Malty, spicy, fruity and refreshing. This Bete Blanche will keep you insulated from the chill of Old Man Winter.


Independent Pilsner

We've brewed this Noble Imperial Pilsner in a high-hop, high-gravity style in order to preserve it for export from The Republic of Vancouver Island across the frigid Salish Sea.


The One That Got Away

This red wheat ale was inspired by BC Tough's annual West Coast Tuna Shootout, a fishing derby that takes place in the wild waters off Bamfield, BC. This easy drinking, unfiltered Ale is made with 50% Wheat and a healthy dose of Crystal Malt to create a slightly sweet, burnt copper coloured beer. Ideal for paring with any West Coast seafood... especially Tuna. Don't let this be
The One That Got Away!


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